Mycomedica hory
Merkaba kopie

We have chosen a unique symbol for our MyTao Edition brand, which was created by combining the symbol
Merkabah and the Flower of Life. Both signify what we would like to convey through our
products to you. Balance and harmony of your mind, body and heart.



Merkabah has the shape of two connected pyramids, which represent the duality of energies here on earth (otherwise also Yin and Yang).

It is a Hebrew and Egyptian term for the so-called "sacred geometry" of the energy body, and is considered a symbol that keeps us in balance. It is a powerful source of strength due to the perfect interconnection of energies and their unification. Merkabah connects our mind, body and heart. This is rooted in the name itself: "Mer" means light, " Ka" means spirit and "Bah" means body.

When used correctly, Merkabah is conducive to deep and full meditation, visualization, and energy connection. It brings into balance all the components of our personality. It helps to calm the mind, clear and balance all energy pathways and chakras, bringing our mind and emotions into perfect harmony.

Its power and possibilities go far beyond the common perception of most of us. It helps to expand our consciousness and create a connection with the spiritual qualities within ourselves. It is an aid on our journey to spiritual upliftment.


                                    Flower of life
Květ života

The flower of life is one of the most important symbols of sacred geometry.

The flower-like shape contains 19 circles that represent the fundamental matrix of the creation of space, time and forms, the unity     of life and spirit and all the interconnectedness of existing life and events in the universe. It contains within itself the essence of everything.

It is a universal symbol of energy, life and the connection between all that exists. The flower of life is used in various forms today - but for centuries it has retained its main essence, the harmony of energies that form a unity in which everything has not only its place, but also its purpose and meaning.

The flower of life is the essence of everything in the universe, including ourselves, and enables us to know the laws of ourselves, our body, mind and soul. It brings balance to life, on the level of mental, psychological and physical health, helping us to connect with the sacred essence of life.

It is a universal symbol of energy that connects everything that exists with its vibrations.

By linking these symbols we transmit the energy of sacred geometry to all MyTao products.
The aim is to enhance the vibration and energy of Chinese herbs with this subtle essence and thus amplify
the effect of the products. We wish everyone robust health and balance.

Your Mycomedica.

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