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Building a breeding ground for a healthier life  

Vital Mushrooms. Are they new to you or are you already balancing your body with them?  

When we decided 13 years ago to start making our own products from vital mushrooms, hardly anyone here knew them.

Not to mention how to use them.

Milan Schirlo, the Chinese medicine therapist who founded our company, saw daily in his practice how extracts from ReishiCoriolus or Chaga helped people find their lost balance and be healthier. But he also heard from all kinds of doubters about what quackery it was.

So we had to start by building an imaginary foundation and explaining that we didn't invent vital mushrooms overnight in the office, that they have thousands of years of tradition in Eastern medicine.


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Symbiosis of education and learning 

Over the years we have given hundreds of lectures, organised seminars and published articles. We created several educational portals and studied everything available about mushrooms.

When you come across an article about vital mushrooms on the Internet or hear about them in the media, the source is likely to be Milan Schirlo.

As a result, there is a much greater awareness of mushrooms today and you may already be helping with chronic ailments or indulging in them as a preventative measure.

Gradually, we have penetrated into smaller and larger cities and our mushrooms are making people feel better not only at home but also in most of Europe.

Mycelium in nature connects. And so, in addition to mushroom products, we also offer plenty of opportunities to educate, consult or share experiences. We regularly lecture about mushrooms to thousands of listeners. And in return, we learn from your reviews, ideas and suggestions.


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Working in a family business is working in harmony 

The job of the underbelly is to keep the balance. We strive to do the same every day.
We are a Czech family-owned company with over 40 employees. Even though they are not all directly related as they were in the beginning, we treat each other as if they were.

Although we are growing, we will never be a corporation. We are one of the largest producers of vital mushrooms in Europe, but we know that we will never move from our office in Police nad Metují and we will always care about each and every one of you.

  • we answer more than a hundred questions a day in our free Advisory Centre , which has already helped a hundred thousand people. 
  • our familiarity is there for you through every email or phone call 
  • we all use our products ourselves on a daily basis

Mushrooms for a longer and healthier life 

Why vital mushrooms?  

They balance the Yin and Yang in the body. Two opposing forces that are constantly trying to win over each other. The Yang life is fast, the Ying life is about peace.

When your Ying and Yang energies are out of balance, health problems will come. They can be physical, like frequent headaches, and psychological, like anxiety. Compared to tinctures that focus on specific problems, mushrooms handle a wide range of concerns. And that gives them tremendous power. Moreover, did you know that vital mushrooms have almost no contraindications and side effects? 

What mushrooms do we choose?

Here you will only find mushrooms that have been proven to do people good for hundreds or thousands of years. They provide you with the nutrition and positive energy you need. Just like the mycelium.

We work with leading experts to develop all our recipes and process the mushrooms exactly as they need to be in order to retain the maximum active ingredients, which not everyone on the market does.

  • we buy mushrooms from the best growers 
  • we produce all our products ourselves in the Czech Republic from mushroom spawn, which contains the most energy and active ingredients 
  • we are recommended by most doctors and therapists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 
  • one third of our customers are doctors 
  • we offer mushrooms as extracts, powder or tinctures 
  • all products can also be enjoyed by vegans 
  • our mushrooms have an ideal polysaccharide content and are therefore maximally effective 
  • we do not add anything to our mushrooms, the extracts are 100% pure 
  • we do not accept empty and misleading marketing


Linking herbs and mushrooms 

Four years ago, in addition to the mushroom extracts, we started producing YaoMedica Tinctures  based on traditional Chinese medicine recipes. Some of them are several thousand years old!

In addition to the mushrooms and tinctures, we gradually added CareMedica cosmetics , which are also based on Chinese medicine. Both herbs and mushrooms will benefit you.

Resilient thanks to a team of experts and quality

We said at the beginning that either our products will help you or we won't make them. Instead of flashy campaigns, we're focusing on quality, which is more important to us than quick profits from catchy marketing.

Just as the mycelium guarantees resilience in nature, we believe that our network of experts, complemented by a quality product, will help us remain a market leader for many years to come.

  • Milan Schirlo, our founder, has almost 30 years of experience in Chinese medicine
  • we guarantee the quality, efficacy and safety of our mushrooms 
  • all products are carefully tested in independent laboratories in the Czech Republic, Germany and Canada 
  • we detect 350 harmful substances in our tests and the correct content of active ingredients 
  • we grow mushrooms where they thrive, away from big cities 
  • our mushrooms fully mature to develop all the active ingredients
  • we have thousands of positive Reviews from all over the world

Where you can buy our products

Extensive network of distributors throughout the Czech Republic

Simply check with the nearest reseller, distributor, or pharmacy with our products.