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Do you suffer from spring allergies?

Spring is a season most people look forward to since autumn. But if you're not a gardener and the sight of a meadow in bloom brings tears to your eyes, you're probably an allergy sufferer. Such an allergy sufferer was once a rarity. We spent more time outdoors, winters were cold and beckoned for fun, we were just closer to nature. The vitamin and mineral-poor diet of conventional farming doesn't give you everything you need, and anyone who doesn't take vitamin D in the winter is in trouble.



Spring, wood and cold wind

In spring, this deficit is most pronounced. This is the time when the Wood energy - the wind - reigns supreme outside. It penetrates every crevice, in our case the weakened defensive Qi. This is replenished by a layer of nourishment and blood, guarding the sweat gates, insulating the surface and repelling pollutants.

How does wind chill manifest itself? It invades the outer layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, especially in the head, neck and upper back, and closes the sweat gates behind it. Chills appear as Qi cannot circulate and warm and the affected area becomes numb. The nose becomes stuffy and a watery runny nose starts to flow, sometimes the eyes water. Sneezing is a desperate attempt by the lung Qi to break through the introduced pollutant. This situation can occur at any time of the year if there is a cold wind. Then we speak of chronic rhinitis, the cause of which is weakened defensive Qi, or deficiency of Lung Qi. The difference is that wind is more damaging in the spring and cold is more damaging in the winter. For Traditional Chinese Medicine, wind chill is any pathogen that produces corresponding manifestations.

Let's find out how to quickly suppress the manifestations of cold wind so that we can enjoy spring.


Ammunition and provisions for defence

In order to function, the defensive Qi must be replenished. This will ensure regularity in eating and sufficient protein. These are the building blocks of white blood cells and antibodies. When digesting them, more heat is released, which is desirable, while drinking enough. Water replenishes the blood and lymph and also provides heat dissipation by urination instead of sweating. The ideal source of protein is meat, which is also an excellent source of zinc and iron. The effect of zinc on mucosal immunity is well known, one could say it supports the defense, while iron replenishes the blood, thus strengthening the layer of nutrition and blood.

Here we come to one of the problems that particularly concerns vegetarians, patients with digestive tract diseases and sickle cell anemia. These, like alcoholics, are at risk of zinc deficiency and also excrete zinc at an increased rate. Older infants are also at risk of deficiency, because after the 6th month of life their intake of zinc from breast milk is insufficient. All of these are recommended to consume meat, ideally minced, or, in the case of infants, blended. Unfortunately, plant sources contain large amounts of dietary fibre and other absorption-reducing nutrients (not just zinc). This includes nuts and seeds. In turn, casein decreases the uptake of zinc in dairy products.


Dietary supplements in the fight against allergies

In addition to zinc and iron, there are other substances that help us fight the cold wind. One of them is vitamin C, which "thins" the blood and removes the heat from the blood. Its sour taste helps guard the sweat gates. It works with the B-complex, which supports digestion, Qi and blood production, and harmonizes the Liver (psyche).

Solar vitamin D is another essential helper without which you cannot manage allergies. Until you can frolic in the midday sun in a bathing suit, forget about sufficient production of it in the subcutaneous tissue. Its need is given in thousands of units (IU) and its consumption increases with excess weight. In the obese, we're talking up to 5,000 IU a day for a few weeks before the level of its metabolite in the blood increases. Paradoxically, it is vitamin D, which is made from cholesterol, that also protects the skin from sunburn. Taking it from autumn to spring will prevent many problems with immunity and sensitive skin.



Mushrooms must not be missed!

I dare to say that vital mushrooms are the alpha and omega of allergy management. They support not only defense, but especially the Spleen - the factory of Qi and blood. And what is the best one?

Agaricus, a.k.a. Brazilian or almond mushroom has the strongest effect in supporting immunity. That's why it is not taken for more than two months! It is warm in nature and tastes sweet and slightly spicy. Therefore, it likes to travel to the skin and subcutaneous tissue, the seat of our defensive Qi. It is used for both pollen and food allergies, as well as skin allergic reactions, including eczema, hives, etc.

It can also be found in a blend aptly named MycoComplex, where it works synergistically with Reishi, Shiitake, Cordyceps and Acerola. For children and many adults, this combination is better because it strengthens all components of the defense. The smaller capsule is also an advantage.

Sneezing and a stuffy nose with a thin discharge are addressed by the Bi Yan Wan (Nasal Breeze) blend. It also contains a natural antihistamine - the buds of the shacholana or magnolia. It opens the nasal passages and expels wind - both cold and hot.

Yu Ping Feng San (Defense Wall) directly supports the layer of defense. Two herbs strengthen the layer of defense and nourishment, and one disperses Qi over the surface, which includes the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and digestive tract in addition to the skin. Like Agaricus or Vitamin D, this blend can either strengthen or suppress the immune system.


Prevention is important for any problem, including preventive administration instead of firefighting. Allergies once started or summer allergies are more complicated and are dealt with a little differently.



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