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Hope for forgotten children
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Hope for forgotten children with Mary's Meals

As you have probably already noticed, MycoMedica really helps and the spectrum of our help is quite wide. We help you fulfill your dreams, support the health of seniors, or donate to animal farms. This time, our help has found its way all the way to Africa. Specifically, Malawi. 

Through our MycoMedica Helps Foundation, we decided to support the Mary's Meals movement with our "Hope for Forgotten Children" campaign. In the spirit of the idea of every child deserves an education and enough food, with your help we will be donating to 1,137 children in Malawi, Africa for one meal a day for an entire school year.

To give you an idea, just 550 CZK will feed one child for an entire school year. That's one dinner in our restaurant for two people.

Our goal is to help over a thousand children by donating 5 Kč of every MycoMedica or YaoMedica product you purchase to this project and we will try to raise 625,350 Kč by Christmas this year. This amount will provide one meal a day to 1,137 children at the school in Dowa, Malawi, Africa for the entire school year.


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Why we work with Mary's Meals

Because they help with all their heart!
Mary's Meals is an international charitable movement that focuses on providing food and educational support to children around the world who live in extreme poverty and crisis situations. 
Its mission is to empower people to offer money, goods, skills, time or prayer to provide the most effective help to those suffering due to extreme poverty in the world's most impoverished countries.
The main goal of Mary's Meals is to ensure that as many children as possible are able to go to school and receive a basic education, while at the same time receiving a regular meal, allowing them to better focus and engage in their studies. The organisation works on a simple principle - every day that a child receives an education at school, they also receive a hot meal. In this way, Mary's Meals supports children's education while reducing hunger and malnutrition.
Mary's Meals operates in many countries around the world, working with local communities and volunteers. The organization is funded primarily by individual donations, sponsorships and voluntary contributions.
Overall, the mission of Mary's Meals is not only to meet the physical needs of children, but also to support their future through education and hope for a better life.  

Why schoolchildren in Malawi?

The possibility of daily meals is changing the lives of children who sit down at school desks. A good diet gives them more energy and more desire to learn. Together, let's increase the chance of a better future for children, because hope can turn into a chance for a whole better life.


You might think that the world is too big to be changed by a few enthusiasts. That the efforts of a few enthusiasts to eliminate hunger from the world will always be a drop in the ocean, because the scale of hunger in the world is enormous. And so it is just the activities of groups dreaming of impossible things.

The truth is that a few enthusiasts really can't do much. But if a few enthusiasts are joined by others, there is an avalanche of passionate individuals who together can do great things. However, one of the mottos of Mary's Meals is that it is a collaboration of many people, each doing small things with great love. 

One wise man was walking by a river where he met a hungry beggar. The beggar asked him for money for food. Come, the wise man urged him, let's do something more meaningful. And taught him to fish.

More about the school we will support can be found here:

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