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How to stop thoughts?

Would you guess what is too much in our lives? What prevents us from living more contentedly and what negatively affects our overall health? It's our own thoughts. It's just too many. They're constantly running through our minds and we can't stop them. We have something in our head and we can't let it go. It's like we're on a merry-go-round. We keep going back to the same place, the same idea. 

Transmigration and Spleen

In Chinese medicine, we call it contemplation. And here we mean ruminations of a pathological nature. It's a state where thoughts run through your head that you can't stop. And now a little surprise - according to Chinese medicine, ruminating is related to the Spleen organ.

Chinese medicine divides the body into five systems and each is ruled by one organ. And each of the systems governs one emotion (note: this understanding is not entirely consistent with the understanding of Western psychology, where ruminating is not an emotion). And the Spleen is responsible for thinking. The Spleen is also responsible for digesting food, making Qi and blood from food - the fuel for our body. If the Spleen's Qi energy is weakened, then not only does it poorly digest food, which we perceive as bloating or diarrhea, but it also cannot "digest" different thoughts. This is why we often cannot fall asleep at night.

Transmigration and Hearts

Another organ that has to do with thinking is our Heart. According to Chinese medicine, the Heart is where the Shen soul resides. Loosely speaking, our psyche. The Heart is responsible for our psychological attunement and also controls all our emotions. including our thinking.

If the Heart is out of balance, then in addition to ruminating, we may perceive, for example, unusual heart palpitations, mental fatigue, concentration problems, forgetfulness, anxiety or depression.





What does Chinese medicine advise?


We'll give you three ways to help yourself. The first option is meditation. Don't look for anything mystical or esoteric in meditation. It is a simple method, but a very effective way to control your thoughts and emotions. The only condition is that you must meditate regularly every day.
Just sit on the edge of a chair, pull your body up towards the sky - behind the Bai Hui point (the acupuncture point on the top of your head). As if you were a puppet and pulled upwards by a string. This will straighten the spine. And then all you have to do is watch your breathing. Inhale, exhale... Inhale, exhale... Inhale, exhale... Over and over again.

The thoughts will keep coming, that's normal. But you imagine them as bubbles, observe them and let them float around. Or push them away. But don't evaluate them, don't analyze them. Just observe them and let them float by. They don't concern you. Yes, it's hard at first, but try it gradually. Start with a short meditation for five minutes. And each day, extend the time until you can last 20 minutes. That's enough. Just remember to meditate every day. You'll soon see how your thoughts and emotions will stop controlling you and you'll control them.


Another way to calm the mind is regular exercise and sport. Ideally, movement that engages your mind (e.g. team sports). It must not, however, be too exhausting. Any more loss of energy and blood, on the other hand, can make overthinking worse. Fast walking or Nordic walking is ideal. And feel free to combine walking with meditation. There is a form of meditation called "walking meditation". It's harder than sitting, but after a while you learn this too.

Anchored Idea

The third option is Chinese herbs - specifically the herbal blend Gui Pi Wan. You can find it at under the name Anchored Idea. It is an old herbal recipe that harmonizes the relationship between the Heart and the Spleen. That is, the organs whose imbalance causes compulsive thinking. It's also called the "student blend". Prolonged sitting over books and computers weakens the Spleen organ. Constant studying, thinking and gazing depletes the blood of the Heart, which, moreover, does not even form sufficiently because the Spleen is weaker and weaker. When blood and Qi are really low, thinking ceases to be effective and turns into mere ruminating. Fatigue and sleep disturbances appear. As the Spleen's Qi (and its ability to hold blood in the blood vessels) weakens further, bruising and various types of bleeding occur. Of course, this does not only affect students, but all mentally working people.

So if you have trouble thinking, use the Anchored Idea tincture. It should be taken for at least 2-3 months. But as always, a lot depends on the specific condition.

Other herbal recipes and special mixtures 

Chinese medicine also offers other herbal recipes that can harmonize our psychological state:


Xiao Yao San (001 Breaking the Chains)
somatization of stress, tension, psychosomatic disorders, PMS


Hou Tou He Ping San (MycoStress)
somatization of stresses, psychosomatic difficulties, strengthens the psyche, half dose is enough


Xiao Yao San JJ (MycoSomat)
pronounced agitation, nervousness, explosiveness, insomnia, greatly relaxes, clears heat, psychosomatic disorders


An Shen Bu Xin Wan (037 Peaceful Chamber)
greatly calms the spirit of Shen and Heart, protects Kidneys (from heat), irritability, restlessness, heart palpitations from exhaustion, promotes sleep


Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan (039 Heavenly Empress)
Strengthens Yin Heart and Kidneys, exhaustion from mental overwork, forgetfulness, night sweats, promotes sleep


Kai Xin San (110 Morning Smile)
strengthens the Heart and psyche, improves thinking and memory, calms


Gan Mai Da Zao Pian (084 Little Joys)
strengthens the psyche, relaxes emotions, stops sweating, PMS, night terrors in children


An Shen Ding Zhi Wan (074 Calm Surface)
significantly calms the psyche, stabilizes emotions, improves thinking and memory


Shi Wei Wen Dan Tang (043 Shy Doe)
anxiety, shyness, lack of courage, feeling sick, waking up in the morning, bitterness in the mouth, fatigue


Zi Shui Qing Gan Yin (044 Sea of Sighs)
restless legs, mood swings, nervousness, strange heat, night sweats, lower back pain, irritability


sleep support


Te Xiao Zao Ren An Mian Wan (057 Peaceful Sleep)
sleep support, irritability, restlessness


Suan Zao Ren Tang (Bear Syrup)
sleep and psychological support for children


Dose tinctures according to weight. If you weigh 70 kg, take 70 drops daily, divided into two doses - 35 drops in the morning and 35 drops in the afternoon. Sometimes I recommend adding the same third dose at noon. You want to try it. If you are bothered by the alcohol contained, put the tincture in a cup and pour about 1 dcl of boiling water over it. The alcohol will wear off after about 5 minutes. You can drink it after it has cooled down.

If you are taking the tincture together with vital mushrooms, take the tincture first and the mushrooms after about 15 minutes. And all this on an empty stomach.

Author: Milan Schirlo - traditional Chinese medicine therapist


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