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Medicinal mushrooms are very popular today. More and more people are taking them daily for various imbalances. Alternatively, they also buy them for their pets.
It is important to choose a mushroom product that will support the body and at the same time will not clog the body with other impurities.
All sellers claim to offer the highest quality, best raw material and guaranteed effects. They argue for different % of active ingredients, polysaccharides, triterpenes, mushroom acids, the longest cultivation time, various lab tests, various confusing technical names.
But how is the customer supposed to find out? Especially when a lot of that information may just be marketing.

So how to choose?

Don't just look at numbers and "best" words. We're not in a competition to see who's higher and who's further. Above all, we need products that work. That is, they effectively help where they are supposed to.

And that's where MycoMedica excels, thanks to the quality of its ingredients and years of manufacturing experience.

You will find our products in the offices of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners who work with them every day. Ask them about their experience. We are 100% confident in the quality of our products and we stand behind it.

Mushroom processing options

a) Decoctions
Make a decoction of dried mushrooms. This method is based on tradition, but large quantities of mushrooms are needed to achieve the desired effects.


b) Mushroom powder or biomass

The dried mushrooms are ground into a very fine powder. This partially breaks the chitin coating and the body is able to extract important bioactive substances from the mushroom. Its action is more gentle.


c) Extracts

By gentle hot water extraction we can break the chitin barrier and extract the maximum amount of bioactive substances from the mushroom. For some species of mushrooms it is necessary to precipitate with ethanol at the end of the extraction process (so-called double extraction), as some bioactive substances are insoluble in water. This process is usually only used for Reishi and Chaga. For other mushrooms this process does not make sense.

If we want to get the most bioactive substances out of a mushroom, we have to process it in some way to disrupt the chitin coating of the mushroom cell. Humans do not have the necessary enzymes to digest chitin, so during digestion they cannot release the active substances from the cell wall of the mushroom and excrete them.  

Extraction is the most optimal processing of mushrooms. This is also why the vast majority of professional studies are conducted with extracts and not with mushroom powder.
The main (but not the only!!!) bioactive substances of medicinal mushrooms are polysaccharides (especially β-1, 3/1, 6-D-glucans). While the dried powder contains about 0.5-3% of polysaccharides, our extracts contain 30 or 50%. The extracts are therefore about 16-60 times more concentrated than the mushroom powder. We have stated that our preparations have 30% or 50% polysaccharide content. And here we come to the heart of the problem. What is the difference between them?



What is the difference between 30% and 50% concentration?

Try to imagine that a mushroom contains a complex of various bioactive substances - polysaccharides, terpenes, amino acids, steroid substances, minerals, vitamins, etc. And there are various relationships between these substances. Even some dampen the effect of the other substances. Therefore, when taking mushrooms, there is virtually no risk of negative side effects on the body.

Chinese medicine looks at the mushroom as a whole. And as a whole, the mushroom also acts on our organism. The extraction breaks the chitin barrier of the mushroom cell and improves the absorption of bioactive substances. At the same time, the concentration of those important substances is increased. However, if you increase the concentration of one bioactive substance, it will always be at the expense of the others. And the effect on the human body will change. That is, a 50% extract will no longer work as well as a decoction of dried fruit. It's not good or bad. It's just a question of what we want to achieve. Therapists most often use 30% concentrations because it is closer to the raw mushroom. However, even a 50% concentration will find its use in some cases.


30% extracts (40% for Coriol)

30% mushroom extracts are used by Chinese medicine therapists for most so-called imbalances. This is because of the optimal ratio of polysaccharides and other substances, which allows for a complex action.

These extracts are therefore particularly suitable for long-lasting imbalances. For example, the 30% Reishi extract is suitable for long-term immunity support, maintaining normal cardiovascular function or cholesterol levels.


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50% extracts

The 50% mushroom extracts are usually used by therapists more for acute imbalances where a more intense and forceful response is needed.

This is particularly useful for imbalances that do not last long and need, for example, a jump-start in immunity. In this case, we can choose, for example, 50% Reishi extract. Selected 50% extracts are also excellent for athletes who are in training and have to perform at peak levels. It will replenish their energy and boost their vitality during this period.

With the 50% extracts of medicinal mushrooms, MycoMedica guarantees the highest concentration of mushroom beta glucans on the market.

We also offer free advice on our products.
If you are not sure about the right products for your particular condition, e.g. whether 30% or 50% extract is more suitable, use the MycoMedica Advisory center.
We train experts in mycotherapy who can then use our mushrooms effectively in their practice.
We organise international seminars on medicinal mushrooms, which are attended by leading experts in this field.

I need advice

Testing in Agrolab - necessary

All the mushroom raw material we use for the production of our mushroom products is tested for more than 350 known heavy metals, pesticides, and microorganisms dangerous to humans in the German independent laboratory Agrolab before processing. We are able to provide these tests upon request.

Beware, some companies that claim to also test at Agrolab may only test certain batches, and perhaps only for a few harmful substances. So don't be afraid to ask for test results.
We have now extended the classic tests carried out by Agrolab in Germany to include testing

for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are carcinogenic, can affect fetal development and have been linked to cardiovascular disease. See here.

We test every batch. No other manufacturer in the country offers such extensive testing.




To guarantee the authenticity (authenticity) of the individual mushroom ingredients, all ingredients are also subjected to

SEC analytical identity test - the so-called MycoPrint (our "mushroom fingerprint").

In this way, we and our customers can be sure that the declared mushroom species have actually been used for the extraction and that the individual bioactive substances have been produced in a strictly controlled extraction process and have not been artificially added to the extract just to meet the parameters we declare.

What else to watch out for

Some companies use ordinary starch (also a polysaccharide) to treat the mushroom raw material to achieve a higher % of polysaccharides. A normal laboratory will not know the difference. However, this raw material has little therapeutic effect. If it has any at all. Together with German colleagues, we are newly testing all mushroom raw material to ensure that it contains only high quality mushroom polysaccharides.

Some Chinese companies, in order to achieve microbiological purity of the extracts, expose them to radioactive radiation which destroys the microorganisms. We make you sure that MycoMedica products are not irradiated at any stage of production.

Some Chinese manufacturers also do not pay much attention to traditional production practices. For example, mushrooms must be dried slowly and preferably in the sun. We only work with proven mushroom growers and processors. No no-name manufacturers!!!

For contemporary China, environmental ecology is often not a priority. It is therefore difficult, but at the same time necessary, to seek out completely pure and untouched by industry nature for the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms. MycoMedica mainly uses mushrooms grown in the provinces of Fujian and Jiangxi, where the areas are practically untouched by civilization. Pesticides, heavy metals, microorganisms, moulds, radioactivity, these are the dangers from which the mushroom raw material must be protected without fail.


We do not take our motto QUALITY - SAFETY - EFFICIENCY lightly. And thanks to this we have gradually become the most important Eastern European manufacturer of products made from vital mushrooms.

I wish you good health

Martin Schirlo


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