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The balanced combination of quality Korean red ginseng and two vital mushrooms, Reishi and Cordyceps is based on traditional Chinese medicine principles to support vitality and defence. 

We use the highest possible quality ginseng extract, which is made from 100% fermented Korean red ginseng extract and reaches a concentration of saponins (100% fermented extract, content of saponins (ginsenosides) 130 mg/g, of which Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3 total 15.4 mg/g).

I use Reishi and Cordyceps with a concentration of 50% polysaccharides with a guaranteed amount of beta glucans.

Thanks to this combination of highly concentrated substances, it is an exceptional product for strengthening vitality and the immune system.

We recommend taking Ginseng with Cordyceps (red bottle) 1 capsule in the morning and Ginseng with Reishi (blue bottle) we recommend taking 1 capsule in the afternoon. Follow the rule of taking for 5 days with a 2 day' break.

See publicly available sources for more information.

You can also order our products by phone from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm +420 739 454 915.

All the raw mushroom material used in the production of our mushroom products is tested before processing in the Agrolab German independent laboratory for more than 500 types of known heavy metals, pesticides and human-dangerous microorganisms. You can view these tests for reishi here, here, here, for cordyceps here, here, here. You can view the Analysis Certificate here, here.
120,70 €
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120,70 €
In stock

Effects according to traditional Chinese medicine

  • replenishes Shen Yang (renal yang)
  • strengthens Fei Yin (pulmonary yin)        
  • transforms Tan (phlegm)
  • calms down Shen (mind)
  • supports Wei Qi (defensive qi)

Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine

  • strengthens Zheng Qi
  • complements Yuan Qi
  • strengthens Wei Qi and Jing Qi (defensive and nourishes energy)
  • strengthens Shen, Pi and Fei (Kidneys, Spleen and Lungs)
  • An Shen effect (harmonises the psyche)
  • bears fluids
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We have prepared an exceptional Ginseng product for you, that in addition to high-quality Korean red ginseng also contains two vital mushrooms, Cordyceps and Reishi.

According to Chinese medicine, ginseng strengthens Yuan Qi, which is the translation of the original energy, and it is the root of all the energy within our body. In classical literature it is referred to as the "root of life".

In Chinese medicine, its vitalising and immune-stimulating effects have been used for thousands of years. It translates as the human root or the power of the earth in the form of man. Today, Ginseng is used as an energy stimulant for fatigue, exhaustion, burnout or convalescence. It supports physical as well as mental performance. It is a strong adaptogen and immunostimulant.

Ginseng contains a whole range of active ingredients. Pharmacologically essential components particularly include saponins, antioxidants, polysaccharides and peptides. Research of these ingredients began as early as 1854, when the first glycoside was isolated from ginseng and named panaquilone. In 1906, the first saponin was isolated, it was panaxin. Since then, more than 70 different saponins have been isolated from ginseng. These are collectively referred to as ginsenosides or panaxosides. Maltol, salicylic acid and vanilla acid are the main antioxidants in ginseng. The acidic polysaccharide ginsan was isolated from the ginseng root, which, among other things, has been shown to have a significant stimulating effect on the immune system.

Why take Ginseng with Cordyceps in the morning and Ginseng with Reishi in the evening?

This recommendation is based on the Chinese medicine theory, which says that Cordyceps supports Yang (warms), so it is better to take it in the morning, and Reishi supports Yin (nourishes or slightly cools down) to a greater extent, so it is better to take it in the afternoon or early evening.

Yin and yang harmony

Chinese medicine describes yin and yang as two opposing principles that make up our world. In nature, they are constantly in fragile balance. So is our body. If we want to be healthy, we need to keep both principles in balance.

Korean red ginseng is the most effective of all ginseng types, thanks to containing 34 types of active saponins. It supports vitality and natural defences. It harmonises the mental state and supports performance. We use the highest possible quality of ginseng powder, which is made from 100% fermented extract of Korean red ginseng and achieves a high concentration of saponins (100% fermented extract, saponin content (ginsenosides) 130 mg/g, of which Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3 total 15.4 mg/g - 150 mg). Ginseng is the centre that strengthens Yuan Qi, which is our original energy - the root of our life and vitality.

Cordyceps is a vital mushroom that strengthens the renal essence and renal yang. Therefore, it is used to supplement physical and mental strength and vitality. We use a unique Scarlet Caterpillarclub extract with a content of at least 50% polysaccharides (min. 20% β - 1,3 / 1,6 D-glucan, min. 20% D-mannitol). As it strengthens our yang part better, we recommend taking it in the morning.

Reishi is a vital mushroom that strengthens the natural defence. Thanks to tropism to the heart, it supports the cardiovascular system and harmonises the psyche. We use an exceptional extract from Ganoderma Lucidum with a minimum content of 50% polysaccharides (min. 20% β - 1,3 / 1,6 D-glucan). As Reishi strengthens our yin part, we recommend taking it in the afternoon.

Ural liquorice is an herb that significantly supports the metabolism and harmonises the effect of Ginseng, Cordyceps and Reishi.

Approved health claims under applicable EU regulations:

Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng): 

  • Immune system
  • Body refreshment
  • Endurance (Fitness), vitality, energy
  • Resistance of the organism - fatigue and stress

Ural Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis):

Normal metabolism / weight loss

Contents: 2 jars of 90 vegetable capsules 

Ginseng + Cordyceps 90 capsules of 500mg extract - in herbal capsules (herbals are also suitable for vegans)

Ginseng + Reishi 90 capsules of 500mg extract - in herbal capsules (herbals are also suitable for vegans)

Net weight2x 53 g

Ingredients in  v 1 capsules:

Ginseng + Cordyceps

Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng), 100% fermented extract, saponins content (ginsenosides) 130 mg/g, of which Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3 total 15.4 mg/g - 150 mg

Scarlet Caterpillarclub (Cordyceps militaris), mycelial extract and fruiting body min. 50% polysaccharides, min. 20% β - 1.3/1.6 D-glucan, min. 20% D-mannitol - 250 mg

Ural liquorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), 5: 1 root extract - 50 mg

acerola (Malpighia glabra), fruit extract 25% vitamin C - 50mg

Ginseng + Reishi

Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng), 100% fermented extract, saponins content (ginsenosides) 130 mg/g and of which Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3 total 15.4 mg/g - 150 mg

Ganoderma lucidum, fruiting body extract min. 50% polysaccharides, min. 20% β - 1.3 / 1.6 D-glucan - 250 mg

Ural liquorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), 5:1 root extract - 50 mg

acerola (Malpighia glabra), fruit extract 25% vitamin C - 50mg


  • regular dose: 1 capsule twice a day
  • in the morning take a combination of Ginseng + Cordyceps - 1 capsule
  • in the evening take a combination of Ginseng + Reishi - 1 capsule
  • we recommend always taking for 5 days a week and skipping 2 days take the capsules on an empty stomach (at least 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after a meal), drink water or weak green tea

Warning: The product isn’t intended for children under 3 years of age, for pregnant women or breast-feeding women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. The product isn’t intended to replace a varied and balanced diet. It doesn’t contain any caffeine, gluten, preservatives, dyes or sugar.

Products on this site are dietary supplements. These products are not medicines and they can’t be used to replace prescription drugs. You can also use our Advisory Service.

The foundations of MycoMedica stand on the following strong pillars:




Emphasis on the environment

Most of our raw mushroom material comes from China. Ecology isn’t often a priority for contemporary China. Therefore, it’s difficult, but at the same time necessary to seek absolutely pure nature untouched by industry for cultivation of medicinal mushrooms. MycoMedica mainly uses mushrooms grown in in the Fujian, Anhui and Jiangxi provinces, where there are areas virtually untouched by civilisation. Pesticides, heavy metals, microorganisms, moulds, radioactivity are a danger, which raw mushroom material must be protected against unconditionally.


Testing in Agrolab 

All the raw mushroom material we use to produce our mushroom products is tested before processing in  Agrolab, an independent German laboratory for more than 500 types of known heavy metals, pesticides and microorganisms that are harmful to humans. We are able to present these tests on request.

Classic tests conducted by the German lab. Agrolab have now been expanded with testing forpolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which have carcinogenic effects, which can affect fetal development and are also linked to cardiovascular diseases. See here. 

The final production of our products takes place under the strictest hygienic conditions in the Czech Republic. For our production, we use the standards ISO 9001/2009, certified HACCP and the system of quality IFS.


What more does MycoMedica offer?

We also offer free advisory services for our products.

When your order is over 2,000 CZ, shipping is free.

For larger orders, we have discounts:

  • when buying over 4,000 CZK, you receive an immediate discount of 5% from the total purchase (not applicable to wholesale)
  • when buying over 8,000 CZK, you receive an immediate discount of 10% from the total purchase (not applicable to wholesale)


Regular training

We train experts in mycotherapy, who can use our mushrooms effectively in their practice. We also hold international seminars on medicinal mushrooms, these are attended by leading experts on this issue.


How to choose the right product from medicinal mushrooms?

Powder or extract?

If we want to use as many active substances as possible from mushrooms, we must process them allowing them to disrupt the chitinous envelope of the mushroom cell. Humans don’t have the necessary enzymes to digest chitin, so they’re unable to release active substances from the mushroom cell wall during digestion and instead they excrete them from their organism.


Processing options:

a) decoctions

It’s possible to produce a decoction from dried mushrooms. However, this traditional method requires a large number of mushrooms to achieve therapeutic effects.


b) mushroom powder or biomass

Dried mushrooms are ground to a very fine powder. This partially disturbs the chitin envelope and the body is then able to extract active substances from the mushroom.


c) extracts 

We can break the chitin barrier using gentle extraction with hot water and extract the maximum  amount of active substances from the mushroom. In the case of most kinds of mushrooms, it’s also necessary to perform condensation using ethanol at the end of the extraction process (the so-calleddouble extraction ), as some active substances are water insoluble.


Extraction is the most optimal method for processing mushrooms for medical purposes. This is why the overwhelming majority of medical studies are conducted with extracts and not with mushroom powder.

The main, although not the only active substances of medicinal mushrooms are polysaccharides (mainly β-(1, 3)-D-glucans). While dried powder contains about 0.5‒3% polysaccharides, our extracts contain 30%.

Another good argument for the use of MycoMedica mushrooms is that a great many doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners are working with our products and they’ve had only the best experience with them. Seehere.

We also use MycoMedica products in our doctor’s office, so we have everyday feedback on their beneficial effects.


What to look for when choosing

Some companies use entirely common raw mushroom material for processing, in order to achieve a higher percentage of polysaccharide content. Common labs won’t recognise the difference. However, this raw material has minimal therapeutic effects. If indeed, it has any at all. Together with our German colleagues, we have been testing all raw mushroom material, so that it contains only high-quality mushroom polysacharides..

Some Chinese companies, in order to achieve microbiological purity of extracts, expose mushrooms to the effects of radioactive radiation, which destroys microorganisms. We emphasise that MycoMedica products aren’t exposed to radiation in in any phase of production.


Verified raw materials

Some Chinese manufacturers don’t respect traditional manufacturing practices. For example, mushroom drying must be done slowly and in sunshine. This is why it’s so important for us to cooperate only with proven growers and processors of raw mushroom material. We don’t use any unverified raw material in our products.


We don’t take our motto QUALITY - SAFETY - EFFICIENCY lightly. Thanks to this, we have gradually become the most important East European producer of products from medicinal mushrooms.


I would like to thank Mr Schirlo for his advice on mushrooms. I was very exhausted and stressed from work. Over two months I took Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms. The fatigue is 90% better. And my other minor problems have cleared up...


Although I'm only 32 years old, I suffered from erection problems and loss of sexual appetite. After deploying Cordyceps and MycoStress, the situation changed completely after about 3 months. Much to the satisfaction of my wife 😊


My chronic bladder inflammation completely disappeared after using Cordyceps CS-4 and Coriolus for 6 months. And I'm not so chilly anymore. I don‘t have cold feet and hands. And this always bothered me.


I use Mycomedica mushrooms on Raynaud's syndrome (I still have hands as cold as marble). I‘ve been using Cordyceps and Auricularia for around three months and the problems are much better. Mr. Schirlo always asks how many%? So about 80%.


I use Cordyceps CS-4 for my incontinence problem and frequent urination. I take a dose of 2 capsules at noon and 2 capsules in the morning. I’ve been using it for 6 months and I‘ve seen a significant improvement.


I take Cordyceps and Reishi to support my psyche, fatigue and irregular menstrual cycle. I’ve been taking this combination for about six months in a dose of 2 Cordycep capsules in the morning and 2 Reishi capsules in the evening. The cycle is almost regular. I'm only really tired after being at work. Even my mood have improved.


I'm writing a review on your Cordyceps mainly to get the vitamin C that you promise to everyone who shares their experience... This is a joke  I‘ve been using the Cordyceps diet supplement for some time for what could be called burnout syndrome. My colleagues recommended them and I am extremely satisfied. I have a lot more energy and a desire to do new things. I'm a little afraid of becoming addicted to it. Joke 😊 Thank you very much for the good work you are doing.


I recommend Cordyceps for incontinence problems, this problem has plagued me for several years. The status is diminishing.


You have beautiful videos about mushrooms, the Fox is really funny. Do you have foxes on offer? 😊 I’ve been using Reishi, Agaricus and Cordyceps for months to strengthen my immune system and for fatigue and hair loss. Everything has improved, and I've tried plenty of other things.


I‘ve been using Cordyceps from MycoMedic for just 2 months, and now I feel its effects. I have a lot more energy. And mainly, my libido has strengthened ... That was the main reason I tried Cordyceps.


I was very exhausted after childbirth. According to my Chinese medicine therapist I have drained yang kidney and little blood. He recommended Cordyceps and Reishi from MycoMedica. I felt better after a few days. Today, after using for about three months, I feel almost like in pre-natal, full of strength and energy. Thank you.


A friend who also has to deal with prostate problems recommended Cordyceps. After consulting Mr. Schirlo, he advised me to use it together with the Maitake's mushroom. I don‘t go to the toilet so often, I sleep all night, and I also have a lot more energy.


I have frequent bladder inflammation. Mr. Schirlo explained to me that I had a weakened kidney (that‘s Chinese kidneys as he wrote) and he recommended that I use Cordyceps. Although we address this problem practically every two months with antibiotics, I‘ve had peace for half a year now. He also advised me to make some changes in my diet. Many thanks.


I work as a multi-national company director. After a hectic period at work, I was completely exhausted, and practically unable to get to work or home, I was unable to do anything, I had no desire to do anything new. Exhaustion wasn‘t just on a physical level but also on a psychological level. Exactly how burnout syndrome is described. I tried to use the Cordyceps medicinal mushroom. I experienced the onset of the effects within two weeks. I’ve been using it for almost half a year and I feel very good.


I bought Cordyceps MycoMedica for my mother who has long-term problems with her heart and breathing. They feel much better now. So we‘ll continue to use it.


I won‘t let go of Cordyceps, I swear by it. I always use it before winter and during winter, because I suffer from inflammation of the sinuses. I started to enjoy it last winter. There was a slight improvement, then I started again last September and this winter and I’ve not once had inflammation of the sinuses. Thanks to you.


My son was often sick as a baby. He caught every bacillus or virus around him. He's taking his Cordyceps bark several times a year, and now illness passes him by.


I was afraid of long-term incontinence. I also urinated a lot and was very tired. All of these symptoms virtually disappeared after six months using Cordyceps. I took 2 capsules in the morning. I always use for 5 days a week then take a break for 2 days.


I had cold legs and was also very chilly. I've been using Cordyceps for 3 months and now it's a lot better. I don’t get frozen feet anymore, and I don’t need the toilet so often.


I started to use Cordyceps from MycoMedica in preparation for the Czech Marathon Championship in skymarathon, mainly to boost my immune system and minimise the possibility of breaking down in training. Cordyceps also helps me to shorten the regeneration phase after carrying out challenging trainings and therefore improves my overall performance ... So Cordyceps should surely be awarded the silver medal I brought home from the championship ...


I dedicate myself to top cycling, and Cordyceps along with Coriolus (sometimes I add Reishi) help me to increase performance and shorten the regeneration phase after races. I’ve used the mushrooms for a long time at lower doses and I always increase the dose before races.


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