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About Vital Mushrooms

The power of vital mushrooms is not a discovery of modern science. In ancient China, it was known thousands of years ago. We didn't invent vital mushrooms either. Nature created them millions of years ago, and only she knows what powerful force she put into them. We are just humbly discovering it and passing it on so that you can live longer and healthier.

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About Myco products

Our passion is the production and sale of products made from vital mushrooms that we really love. Studying mushrooms is also our hobby, we understand them quite well. We have been supplying them not only all over the Czech Republic, but also to many other countries around the world for more than 11 years. We write and lecture about them and to thousands of audiences. Our products are used and recommended in their professional practice by most doctors and therapists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • we guarantee quality, efficiency and safety

  • MycoPrint – unique quality testing system

  • we test for 350 pollutants in independent laboratories

  • we grow mushrooms in a natural environment away from big cities

  • our mushrooms fully mature to develop all the active ingredients

  • we guarantee an optimal amount of polysaccharides

  • all our products are vegan friendly

  • thousands of positive reviews from all over the world

  • we produce the best selling mushroom products on the European market

  • we do not use any additives in our products

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About the Myco family

The company and the brand MycoMedica was founded by Milan Schirlo, a well-known expert on vital mushrooms and a therapist of traditional Chinese medicine. He was gradually joined by other family members. Even though we are still growing, we still treat new colleagues like family members. And we treat our thousands of wholesale partners the same way. We offer the same partnership to you, our customers. Good relationships are more important to us than good business.


  • we have been on the market for 11 years
  • we are a Czech family company

  • we are a big family with all our partners and customers

  • customers say we're friendly and reliable

  • we do not accept strange marketing or business tricks

  • we all use our products ourselves

  • discounts for larger orders: for purchases over 160 EUR a 5% discount on the total purchase (not valid for wholesale), for purchases over 320 EUR a 10% discount on the total purchase (not valid for wholesale) 


About the mushroom experts

We not only like mushrooms, but we understand them. We work with the best raw material suppliers around the world. We can advise you on how to use our products. Our unique consultancy is run by top experts. More than 100,000 people have used MycoPoradna in the course of its existence! We lecture and publish about mushrooms. We support mycotherapy research at leading universities.

  • we provide free expert advice

  • we have many years of experience with the effects of mushrooms

  • we organise regular lectures, webinars and seminars

  • we often write and film about mushrooms

  • we are experts in traditional Chinese medicine

  • we use the latest scientific knowledge about mushrooms

  • we carry out our own application research

  • we are completely open with information, we do not hide anything

  • everything is supervised by medical experts

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Where you can buy our products

Extensive network of distributors throughout the Czech Republic

Simply check with the nearest reseller, distributor, or pharmacy with our products.