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Medicinal mushrooms
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Why MycoMedica?

  • we sell extracts of medicinal mushrooms with maximum amount of polysaccharides
  • our expert consultant is prof. Ing. Pavel Valíček, DrSc., a renowned European botanist specialized in medicinal plants of Asia
  • all products are tested in a renowned and independent German laboratory for heavy metals, pesticides, microbiological tests, DNA, radioactivity, content of polysaccharides...
  • we provide the highest quality at unbeatable low prices
  • more information

The benefits of shopping at MycoMedica e-shop

  • postage fee just 15 EUR for advance payment to our bank account or PayPal payment
  • for purchases over 300 EUR you do not pay any postage fee (valid for wholesale as well)
  • for purchases over 160 EUR you receive an immediate discount of 5 % from the entire purchase (not valid for wholesale)
  • for purchases over 320 EUR you receive an immediate discount of 10 % from the entire purchase (not valid for wholesale)
We are looking for MycoMedica product distributors: doctors, therapists, healers, pharmacies, health food stores, e-shops...
We provide favourable pricing policy and intensive promotions.
If you are interested, please contact us at info@MycoMedica.cz.
Here you can download a flyer with MycoMedica products. A printed form of this flyer can be obtained from our retailers.

Quality and safety

When we started our MycoMedica project, we had a clear objective in our minds, and it was the quality and safety of our products. Nowadays, it is not a problem to buy cheap mushroom extracts for very low prices on the world market. This low price, however, often means low quality as well. MycoMedica is very strict about the quality of raw mushrooms.
Our suppliers meet the highest quality and safety standards – certificates like GMP, HACCP, GAP or Food Sanitary Registration Certificate of Export Enterprise are a standard.
Moreover, every product undergoes strict inspections in an independent German laboratory to comply with strict European 90/642/EHS standards. Every batch is tested for more than 500 known pesticides and heavy metals.
More information about quality and safety can be found here

Terms and conditions of MycoMedica e-shop

Introductory provisions

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As I have been interested in all methods of improving my health for a few years, because, as they say, there is only one health we can have, I was happy to see  Reishi on the market, the so called “longevity mushroom”.
Unfortunately, health problems increase with age. Watching my optimal level of immunity has proven successful for me.
I am happy that I found a big help
in the form of MycoMedica products.
I have good experience with their medicinal mushroom
products and I recommend their wide product range
to everyone who wants to be healthy and
enjoy their life.
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